Complete Loss Assesment & Recovery Planning (CLASS)

Coverage Issues, Fees, Deductibles, FEMA, Contractors, Adjusters, Contents & Inventory…



When struck by a natural disaster, any business or institution is faced with many types of losses. These losses can include real property loss to businesses, personal and business property, loss of income, additional expenses and uninsurable losses. Fortunately, there are many sources of recovery if you know where and how to find them – sources such as insurance, state, local, and federal government programs, and catastrophe tax regulations.

StopLoss Specialists is excited to introduce a new concept in disaster planning, designed to assist you on your path to financial and personal recovery. We have added to our staff, professionals with a combined experience of over 45 years responding to the broad spectrum of disaster recovery. They are trained to assist and advise you in available government programs, insurance coverage’s, and tax advantages for which you may qualify. Our professionals will help you in planning and preparing your complete loss assessment, and work with you, start to finish, in developing a step-by-step strategy to ensure a fair recovery.

We Will:

1. Provide an initial consultation

2. Prepare a complete loss assessment & recovery plan

3. Create estimates, inventories, and business spreadsheets

4. Detail your loss in required formats and others as needed to support your claim.

5. Assist in developing your presentation strategy

6. Define eligibility requirements

7. Expert opinions from engineers, industrial hygienists

How Much Does This Cost?

NOTHING! We provide these optional services to each and every one of our customers. By contracting with StopLoss Specialists to restore your structure, all of these services are our way of saying Thank You for your confidence and trust.

Consider StopLoss Specialists, Inc. We have a better way of helping.